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"What makes KNX special are the people" (Quote from Heinz Lux, CEO KNX Association.) An exhibition stand works like a building: with a system. A system that we work with, you and I, man and woman. But what does an exhibition stand have to do with a building or building control technology? I would like to explain this using two short stories: It's 2024, 8 a.m. I arrive at the commissioning and am really looking forward to the day. I open my notebook in a good mood and start my ETS commissioning software. The first step is to commission the electrical distribution board. This is followed by switches, push-buttons and motion detectors. I need the ladder to mount the motion detectors on the ceiling. Well, there it is - the ladder used by a tradesman. I ask him politely and in a good mood for the ladder. "You? What are you doing here on the building site? You're just a woman," the workman replies. Breakfast was marvellous, the first day of the fair begins. Very successful, great fun with great colleagues. I stand behind the counter and help where I can. One drink after another, occasionally delicious pastries for the guests. The day at the fair comes to an end. I overhear what seems to be a funny conversation between two exhibitors. "Do you think that would be something for you?" "Hmm, I wonder if I can get the mobile phone number?" We've come full circle between the building and the trade fair stand. It's 2024, and such unpleasant conversations are unfortunately commonplace. 8 March 2024 was International Women's Day. We congratulate you on this. We are happy to support relevant initiatives. One of these was founded by Katja, KNX system integrator and board member of KNX Professional Deutschland e.V. She has set herself the task of networking, promoting and empowering women in the electrical trade and KNX building system technology: Women in KNX. With huge success! We are delighted to have been part of the kick-off event. It cannot be taken for granted. Katja is doing great things, which we are happy to support. Together we achieve our goals. Together we achieve something great. You and me, big and small, old and young. Man and woman. Let's make the world a little smarter - and better - every day. Together. KNX connects. "What makes KNX special are the people". Thanks to Katja, Julia and Sahena and everyone who supports us! Source: F.H.S - Fabian Hut Systemintegration

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